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Personnalisation Atomobiles Djoudjou

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Welcome to 

Creations and customizations 

of T-shirts, mugs and accessories 

specialized  in the automotive world but not only...

Little girl,   I had nice, round, chubby cheeks. 
One day, my grandmother calls me with all her love "Djoudjou"...
eh yes! this nickname comes from my grandmother and I kept it throughout her life.
When I was looking for a name for my company, I had just lost my grandmother and I immediately thought of was a click, an evidence!
for me it must have been called  "Djoudjou"
Our passion for old cars has a big place in our life and what better than to share this adventure with you.
Good visit!
Personnalisation Atomobiles Djoudjou
Personnalisation Atomobiles Djoudjou
We work all our textiles with a washable fabric material up to 60°. Thanks to this we make photographic prints et 
high quality illustrations. On all our accessories the print is 
integrated into the material, which gives it great resistance over time. 
We are Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Designer, passionate about creation, 
2D and 3D drawings and new technologies that allow us to 
realize all   your ideas.
Each project is unique and we accompany you until the end of the realization.

We print all your ideas (photos, designs and illustrations)
Djoudjou is a clothing and accessories customization site specializing in the automotive sector, but not only... 
We also print on demand, allowing endless possibilities to bring your ideas to life. 
We print photo, logo, drawing, design or illustration. 
Designs are at your disposal as well as our text and image import tools. 
If you have ideas but do not know how to realize them, we provide the talents of our Designer for all creations, photo retouching and 2D or 3D drawings.  
Our achievements are printed on a multitude of media:  
A T-shirt, a bag, a denim jacket, a sweatshirt, an apron, a teddy jacket or a mug… It all depends on the occasion.

Give them as gifts, you will make people happy. 
It can be a birthday, birth, Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day gift, a bachelor/bachelorette party or simply to convey a message.  
All our achievements are labeled "Quality Djoudjou". Our photo prints on clothing are made only with our own fabric supports. You then benefit from a high quality, washable visual.eup to 60° and of exceptional duration.

Secure payment methods

Shipments by Mondial Relay

Contacts and schedules

Open Monday to Friday 
from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

07 81 44 13 70

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